Parish Council

Parish Pastoral Council

Role and Make-up of the Council

The purpose of the Parish Council is two-fold:

1) To serve in an advisory capacity to the pastor for the good of the parish and the Mission of the Church.

2) To serve as a means for the Pastor and the Catholic Church to reach out to the Parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and to the community at large.

The Parish Pastoral Council is comprised of a cross-section of people from the Parish-at-large to ensure the proper representation of all. Included are people of all ages, abilities, and genders. The Council has an elected President, Vice President, and Secretary. Four additional Council Members are the head of each of the four Commissions that serve to fulfill the mission of the Church. Each Commission is composed of committees and one member of each committee is also appointed to represent that committee to the Council. Appointments to the council are made by the Pastor with the assistance of the Pastoral staff.

Parish Council Members

Bruce Simon Chairman
Mark Jagodzinski Vice-Chairman
Gerry Cody-Camp Secretary
Jenny Buza Member at Large
Laurie Hensley Education Commission Rep
Nancy Zylka Christian Service Commission Rep
Pete Zaums Finance Council Rep
Jackie Stoiber Stewardship Commission Rep
Jamie Southers Evangelization Committee Rep 
Teresa March Worship Commission Rep