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Resurrection Cemetery

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Resurrection Cemetery is a Catholic Sanctuary for those awaiting the Resurrection of the Dead. The cemetery consists of three acres of beautifully landscaped grounds framed by a tall woods in the northwest corner of the church grounds.

The focal point of the cemetery is the 1/2 acre reflection pond surrounded by a curved drive. Along the circumference of the pond are large outdoor Stations of the Cross, culminating in a ten foot tall crucifix. The Stations can be made by walking, or by car. Two angels guard the cemetery entrance and the entry drive leads to a large Marian shrine in front of the flagpole.

This peaceful, prayerful setting provides comfort to grieving families and friends and serves as a sanctuary and memorial for those parishioners who have gone to their rest. It also reminds us of the goodness of our God as we see His beauty in wildlife and the natural setting.

Resurrection Cemetery is governed by the parish Finance Council.

Grave sites are now available in the new section, east of the pond. For information on purchasing sites, contact the Parish Business Office at 847-2805 (ext. 11).

Our New Cemetery Shrine